OTA Update Server

When hundreds of thousands or even millions of end devices are deployed on the field, applying software patches, upgrading software is a critical requirement for any successful IOT service provider. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform provides over-the-air update server as a service which allows software distribution management, Roll-out scheduler for achieving the android/ios style of remote software updates for the IOT devices. In addition to the over-the-air update service on the cloud, Vitalpointz also provides VESPa (Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform-Agent) that runs on the IOT device help automate the delivery, installation and notification functions.

Event Function Wiring

Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform provides necessary tools to IOT developer to write and run their own high-level Javascript code as functions. It also allows for the user to define complex events. For example, an Event could be a message from IOT Device or Time based or result of an internal state machine transitioning from one state to another. The developer or user can leverage Event-Function Wiring module to associate an event to a function, trigger the function whenever an external or internal event is generated. This facility helps IOT developer to quickly deploy a complex and domain specific business logic in our scalable platform.

Security Function -X509 certificate, TLS, IPSEC

IOT devices come in all size and shape. Some of them run Linux while others are low powered microcontrollers with limited power budget. In such a varied environment, securely deploying the IOT devices at scale is a huge challenge. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform takes away the security concerns of the IOT service developer by offering multiple levels of security options to the devices. Hosted IPSEC service provides an end-to-end IPSEC tunneling service for any device. Tunneled traffic is sent thru a firewall ACLs in order to deliver enterprise style security to IOT devices. Less capable devices that do not have IPSEC capability can leverage our MQTT over TLS to mutually authenticate and protect the messages using X509 certificates issued for every IOT device. Extremely power constrained devices can use our unsecured-MQTT service. Although the service is unsecured in order to support low powered devices, the service is authenticated. Device makers can leverage our VESPA Agent’s (Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform Agent) light weight security layer designed for power constrained devices in order to securely transfer their messages by encrypting them even when the device is not capable of doing HTTPS or x509 based TLS.

Virtual Device

While IOT devices sense the environment on which they are deployed, there are number of other online services that provide useful information. Online weather data, agriculture data, market information, satellite-based fishing information are some of the online data sources. These data when combined with IOT device data enables the developer a powerful and more beneficial use-cases. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform provides an abstract called ‘virtual device’ using which 3rd party data sources can be received using standard APIs. The received data can be sent thru the same flow-processing pipeline as data from other regular IOT devices. This way much more actionable, beneficial IOT use case can be delivered to end users.

Message Logger Service

One of the basic functions of IOT platform can offer is to receive all the messages from IOT Devices, store all or part of them; retrieve it later. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform offers this function under Message Logger Service. IOT Developer can route part or whole of the message or copy of the message to Message Logger service for storing them, download later. This service could be used for compliance or historical analysis purposes. The data accumulated could be a basis for creating models on machine learning service.

Notification Service

Vitalpointz offers a fully reprogrammable, rebrand-able user facing mobile apps. The look and feel of the App is configurable and are different from tenant to tenant. IOT service developers on Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform can leverage our hosted notification service to deliver Push notifications to their users on the apps. These notifications are tied with developer-defined events. Hence developers can generate a complex, tailor made their own notifications, deliver to all or select customers of their own.

Hosted Node-Red Flow Layer

Node-Red is a third party, open source component which is hugely popular among IOT service developers. The reason for the popularity is partly due to its ease of use and ability to visually describe the flow. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform hosts Node-Red as a service. Vitalpointz also provides its own custom nodes on the Hosted-Node Red so that IOT developers can easily consume, produce messages from and to IOT Devices without having to learn how the messages flow inside our platfrom.  Vitalpointz custom nodes on hosted Node-Red offers tools to generate, consume events, deploy Javascript functions, Normalize messages, Routing messages to various hosted service etc. Apart from these, hosted Node-Red reduces the complexity of managing Node Red instance on their own.

Analytics Service

By definition IOT devices ‘sense’ the environment on which they are deployed. The sensor data needs to be processed, indexed, cleaned and reports and dashboards generated for the end user to benefit from them. These functions are available as a hosted service on Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform. IOT Developer has a choice of using Elastic stack or to use Timeseries analytics stack to process their data from IOT devices. Developers can select any one or both of the analytics stack based on the nature of the data stream the sensor emits. Developers can easily configure the platform to route the data so that it is ingested by the analytics stack, reports generated, and reports be made available on mobile app for intended end users by simply point and click.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection algorithms can be applied on IOT Sensor data to find outlier/ anomalous machine behavior etc. Often these anomalous data can lead to identifying degraded service, even act as early sign of breakdowns. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform hosts anomaly detection as a service as part of platform services. IOT developers can use the service to figure out anomalous data samples for both parametric as well as non-parametric data. These algorithms can be deployed on the cloud or on the Edge Device for faster and real time response.

Messaging – MQTT/WebSocket

IOT devices come in different shape and size. The compute capability and power budget often determine the connectivity protocol they use to transport messages. Web application or Mobile applications typically use WebSocket interface to send or receive messages to the cloud platform. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform supports variety of connectivity interfaces. MQTT over TLS, MQTT plain text, MQTT over WebSocket, REST over HTTPS, REST over HTTP are some of the interfaces through which messages can be transported to cloud platform or received from the cloud platform.

Hosted Database service

When huge number of IOT devices send their sensor data to the cloud platform they need to be processed to make sense out of it. Often processing involves state maintenance, store part or fully the sensor data for predefined amount of time, correlate across different sensor data etc. These functions require storage of the sensor data. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform hosts mongo db as well as influx db.  While Influx is best suited for processing time series data, Mongo db allows programmers to store and retrieve any type of data. The platform also supports managing these databases using easy to use tools.

MNO Services


Despite the fact that there are many air interface access types being available for IOT Devices, mobile network will remain a dominant connectivity technology for IOT Devices or Gateways (also known as Fog Nodes) to connect to Cloud platform. Mobile Network Operators (MNO) offer new IOT oriented connectivity services or in some cases, repurposing older GPRS/EDGE services for IOT devices. Often connectivity services lifecycle lies outside the scope of cloud platform. But Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform provides an Integration interface with MNO’s BSS system (Business Support System). BSS can trigger when an IOT specific SIM card gets activated that will result in automatic provisioning of IOT devices and resources associated with it. Entire life cycle of the SIM card is reflected into IOT service.

Machine Learning


Applying machine learning algorithms on massive IOT device data can help unmask underlying patterns. Machine learning as a feature offers a very interesting use case for IOT developers, for example, they can deliver predictive maintenance, detect anomalies and so on. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform hosts Machine learning service as part of the platform services. IOT developers can take advantage of the service to build ML models, test them and deploy on cloud or on the Edge Device. The built model can be executed on the Edge for faster , real time response.

Authentication Services


Authentication is a corner stone for secure delivery of services. Users and Devices need to be authenticated and authorized before allowed to consume the services. Authentication typically provides allow or deny type response; authorization level indicates what are the services, resources each end point is allowed to use. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform has a built-in identity service that provides authentication and authorization services. The platform supports multi-tenancy and hierarchy of users. Tenant Root have the tools to control the resource utilization of their users and devices. Every user can also monitor their resource usage continuously. All authentication events are logged and presented to respective tenant root for auditing purpose.

Control Center


IOT devices are ultimately need to be monitored and controlled by end user. Often end user of the IOT device and application are different from IOT Service developer. For example, certain Industrial pump manufacturer who wants to deliver certain monitoring, controlling use case to its customer is an IOT Service developer. The factory floor manager who uses the pump is the end user. IOT manufacturer in this case should be able to provide monitoring and controlling function and deliver to end user over their mobile app. The controls component (buttons, sliders, displays etc) can be different to different end users based on the type of pump they have purchased. Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform provides necessary tools to ‘author’ the controls page, monitoring page with button / sliders / toggle switch / display components etc and make it available for individual end users. End users can monitor and control their assets using the mobile app.

VESP Cloud Platform

Management layer

  • Device On-Boarding
  • Security : x509 Certs Mgmt, TLS, IPSec
  • Monitoring, Control
  • OTA Software Update Server
  • Policies

Flow processing Layer

  • Data Base – Document, Time Series
  • Hosted NodeREd
  • Analytics, Reports, dashboards
  • Machine Learning

Connectivity Layer

  • Message IO :
  • WebSocket (WS,WSS),
  • DTLS, CoAP

User Layer

  • Enterprise Grade: User hierarchy and Role based Access to resources
  • Multi-Tenancy

VESPa OS and Agents


  • Linux User space application
  • Automates device on-boarding, OTA  updates, Security etc
  • Provides endpoint to Monitoring, Control
  • Implements Policies on device


  • Secure Boot
  • Forked from Open WRT
  • Makes any Network Equipment such as access points a edge gateway instantly
  • Enables execution of workloads at the edge


  • Micro controller based
  • Non-TLS capable , low powered controllers
  • Device On boarding
  • Security functions
  • OTA Image updates


  • Android Application based VESPa agent
  • Meant for android running POS machines, ETIM etc

Mobile Applications


  • End user facing extensible mobile application
  • QR Scan for secure login to VESP
  • Fully configurable by Tenant root/Tenant user
  • Selectively publish contents – reports, notifications, iot controls etc based on the user


  • End user facing extensible mobile application
  • QR Scan for secure login to VESP
  • Fully configurable by Tenant root/Tenant user
  • Selectively publish contents – reports, notifications, iot controls etc based on the user